Monday, August 31, 2009


semalam kt TV2 bersiaran la filem WAR OF THE WORLD
filem ni dah lama dh, tahun2005
tahun ni baru tengok
tapi xpe la, janji dapat tengok


Cruise stars as Ray Ferrier, a divorced dockworker and less-than-perfect father. Soon after his ex-wife (Miranda Otto) and her new husband drop off his teenage son, Robbie (Justin Chatwin) and young daughter Rachel (Dakota Fanning) for a rare weekend visit, a strange and powerful lightning storm touches down.

Moments later, at an intersection near his house, Ray witness an extraordinary event that will change all their lives forever. A towering three-legged war machine emerges from deep beneath the earth and, before anyone can react, incinerates everything in sight. An ordinary day has suddenly become the most extraordinary event of their lifetimes - the first strike in a catastrophic alien attack on Earth.

Ray scrambles to get his children away from this merciless new enemy , embarking on a journey that will take them across the ravaged countryside, where they become caught in the desperate tide of refugees fleeing from an extraterrestrial army of Tripods.

But no matter where they run, there is no safety, no refuge ... only Ray's unconquerablewill to protect the one he loves.


Tom Cruise as Ray Ferrier

Dakota Fanning as Rachel Ferrier

Justin Chatwin as Robbie

Tim Robbins as Harlan Ogivly

Miranda Otto as Mary Ann

The tripod has a free moving head as depicted, the head fits into a slot on the main body section, where the neck extends giving a better view around the area. It has four metallic tentacles, with numerous joints making it look more machine-like, that are mainly used to grab humans during the film. The machine has long stilt-like legs which occasionally move with the right and rear leg moving forward at the same time. The Heat-Ray appears on the top of tripod head as a round mirror on a metallic arm, and when the mirror rotates at fast speed it begins to emit incredible heat with a range of over 2 miles. The black smoke is emitted from the tips of the tentacles of the Martian machine in the form of a spray instead of the cannon-like device firing shells used in the book version. The tripod also has a basket on the rear to place the captured humans in, but the basket looks more like a bucket.

The Heat-Ray is portrayed as a bluish-white arc instead of a ray that appear to have a desiccating effect on living objects, such as animals, and a 'disruptive' effect on other objects. For example, when humans are hit by the ray, they are vaporized into a cloud of gray powder (possibly ash), while their clothes remain unaffected.


The presence of the red weed on Earth is clearly intentional. Once they have a strong hold of the planet, the invaders take captured humans and drain their bodily fluids, which act as a nitrogenous fertilizer for the red weed, helping it grow and cover the planet. Though it is never stated that these invaders come from Mars (the "Red Planet"), the script indicates that the weed is abundantly present on their world as well, suggesting the two share a superficial resemblance. However, what exactly makes up their red weed, whether it is a natural vegetation or what gives it its color on their world, is unknown. It is also stated in the script that the weed is fierce enough to flourish in spite of the conditions that forced the aliens to find refuge on a new world. But despite its tenacity to survive such a harsh environment, much like in the novel, the red weed is killed by Earth's bacteria and turned into an ash-like dust and is blown away in the wind before it can be examined.

respon fana:
- cerita ni best!
- sound effect dia berjaya membuatkan nyawa ku melayang
- bila tengok cerita ni, jantung 'dup dap dup dap' kencang

(Nadia Muizz ko jangan marah kalau q suka kat Tom Cruise)