Friday, March 5, 2010

SPONGE BAND - Korean Band

A hot new 5-member band called Sponge Band will be debuting soon. And with a name like that, who could possibly hate them?

With all due seriousness though, they sound really good – kind of an F.T Island vibe, but what’s even more interesting is that they’re a co-ed group! There’s definitely a lack of co-ed groups in k-pop lately, so I’m pretty excited about this one.

Sponge Band’s first mini-album will be titled, “The Beginning”. The members are, Oh Song (오송), Ga On (가온), K# (키샵), Soo Yeon (수연) and Chung Ah (청아).

The members;

Oh Song (오송)
Birth : March 22, 1988
Size & Weight : 183cm , 62kg
Oh Song actually released a mini-album, 여름아 부탁해 (I Beg You Summer), in July 2008 but is now a part of this group.

K# (키샵)
Birth : May 4, 1986
Size & Weight : 162cm , 45kg

Soo Yeon (수연)
Birth : January 10, 1990
Size & Weight : 162cm , 43kg

Ga On (가온)
Birth : March 15, 1993
Size & Weight : 168cm , 45kg

Chung Ah (청아)
Birth : April 7, 1993
Size & Weight : 160cm , 41kg

And they actually had a song/MV already through the Loving You A Thousand Times OST (Should I Hit Them For You):

source: Allkpop, K-Dreams