Monday, November 12, 2012

121110 ZE:A Showcase In Malaysia 2012

Thank you ZE:A for the autograph album.
Siwan, Dongjun, Hyungsik, Kevin, TH, Minwoo, Heechul and Kwanghee.

When I update this entry, I just returned from my father's village at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Today got two wedding feast, fortunately at Pekan Rembau and Kg. Parit Jernih (something like that).

Now we go to our mission.

Going out from home at 4 o'clock and plus plus. Nasib baik tak hujan lagi masa hendak naik bas dari rumah ke stesen monorail Chow Kit. Alone. My younger sister don't want to follow me. I'm fine because I can go to KWC alone. Hujan mula turun apabila berada di dalam bas. What I want to tell, it is still raining when I want to walk to KWC from station monorail Hang Tuah. Lucky, have two two girl in front so i follow them to KWC because it is my first time.

Jalan-jalan di dalam KWC, kedai dalam tu boleh tahan juga. Dapat la juga beli sehelai seluar cotton warna soft pink but when I try at home, I feel like my leg going to shrink. Dah macam apa je. Pinggang dah okay tapi yang bawah tak okay. Terpaksalah bagi dekat adik.

Apakan daya tak muat. Pinggang size S dan yang bawah seterusnya maybe size M.
I think this is skinny style. /very kicik/
All my jeans whether slim cut or straight cut.

I feel very very slow when I type in English so I will type in Malay. Sorry.

The messy me selepas kena hujan. This is before showcase started.
I think I should tie all my hair back.

Event: ZE:A Showcase Live In Malaysia 2012
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Kenanga Wholesale City

Selitkan sedikit video.
Greeting - ZE:A Showcase in Malaysia 2012

credit : Newskaki

Masa ZE:A tengah cakap-cakap at front, my friend call me to give her a ticket because she late. I run again and again to find the door. I think at the right stage because I come from that door. Rupa-rupanya belah kiri pentas, dah la gelap. After that, lucky draw session. Masa tu dah sampai tempat duduk tak sempat lagi nak duduk tiba-tiba nombor tiket saya disebut. Really? Seriously! My number. At that time what can I do is run to the stage. Because I so pendek/short jadi saya tidak nampak di belakang. Dah la duduk belakang dekat Zone A and I run faster to the stage. I don't know how I look on the stage. Dengan muka berpeluh-peluh macam lari marathon.

My number is 82873. Thanks to Kevin for calling my number. 
This is make me suprise.
Kevin ZE:A is my partner for first lucky draw game. The game is call Cham Cham Cham/참참참 

credit : Farrah Nur Shafieny Mohd Aseri

But i want to say thank you to Nurhidayah Hakimah for the ticket. Sorry because I don't know much about ZE:A. Honestly,before this I only know Siwan, Dongjun, and Kwanghee.
I'm so sorry for my fault.

I got one sample of Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream from Touch In Sol.