Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Multimedia Project Semester 3.

Berkurun-kurun punya entry yang lepas ada menunjukkan yang kitorang ada subjek Multimedia (CSC253) untuk Semester 3 CS110 di UiTM. Setiap group mempunyi 4 orang ahli kumpulan. Tak kisah la nak semua perempuan ke, nak semua laki ke ataupun campur.

Disebabkan sekarang merupakan cuti semester maka bolehlah post entri ni. Ada 3 projek yang kena dilaksanakan untuk carrymark bagi CSC253.

Our group.
Kim, Mira, Amalina and Me.

1st Project : Movie Poster

We use Adobe Photoshop for this project. You can make your own movie poster that have your face in that poster such as the real movie poster.

This is my group's movie poster.
 Title of our movie poster is ABANDONED.

Random photo from me.

2nd Project : Animation

We use Adobe Flash.

Another random photo from me. This is my part from the whole animation.

3rd Project (Last) : Music Video Cover

We makes music video cover from B1A4's Baby Goodnight. Sorry no video for this time. Have some part need to cover for privacy. I'll upload it after process editing complete.

Place for shooting : The Material, Gurney Plaza & Teluk Bahang, Pulau Pinang, Amalina's rent house & Taman Sri Wang 2, Arau, Perlis.

For this project, have many software that can be used except Windows Movie Maker.

You can use Sony Vegas and others software. But we only use Corel VideoStudio because it is simple and I don't like the complicated software so we just use this. When this project in prosess, we has many many many tests and quiz to complete before final exam started.

Presentation for all group happen three days before our final exam started. Our schedule very compact and busy.

Last picture.
After last shooting for music video.

Thank you to all the team members have been cooperated on a project this semester. So that's it for my entry. Bye.