Wednesday, April 17, 2013

INFINITE (인피니트) In My House!

Hello everyone!

Please say hello to my new INFINITE's album, New Challenge. 

Excited you know. Very very excited!!!!
Paling excited masa check postcard dapat siapa, akhirnya dapat Woohyun pun postcard!!!
Sangat seronok. Dua kali dah dapat. Satu masa album INFINITIZE.

In this New Challenge album got 7 tracks + 1 track special. For my album, i got 60sec Instrumental ver.
01. Welcome To Our Dream
02. Man In Love
03. Nothing Better Than This
04. Still I Miss You
05. Beautiful
06. 60sc (Infinite ver.)
07. Uncomfortable Truth 
08. 60sec (Instrumental ver) (SPECIAL)